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Dental Fillings In Washington DC

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Restore Cavities & Protect Your Teeth

Got a sensitive tooth? Can you see any discoloration, pitting, or holes in a tooth? If so, you may have a cavity, and you need a dental filling. Left untreated, a cavity will cause you a lot of discomfort. It may even become infected, causing a toothache and requiring a root canal. So don’t wait. Get early intervention with a dental filling at Washington Metro Dental, and keep your mouth healthy. Contact us now.

What Is A Dental Filling?

As the name implies, a dental filling is a procedure that’s literally used to “fill” a hole in your tooth, also known as a cavity. Cavities are caused by tooth decay. As oral bacteria consume sugar and excrete acid, this weakens the tooth, causing it to decay. Over time, prolonged decay will destroy the outer layer of the tooth, resulting in a cavity.

A filling is used to treat this issue. The damaged enamel is trimmed and removed by a dentist. Then, they apply a durable, tooth-like material to the cavity. They fill up the cavity then shape this material so that it fits in with the rest of your tooth. Then, it’s hardened and trimmed to ensure that your tooth is completely restored, and fits in with the rest of your smile.

Early intervention with a dental filling is the best way to restore and repair a decayed tooth, and helps keep your mouth healthy. Without a filling, the cavity will only get worse, and this could result in more pain, costly dental treatments, and the need to spend extensive time at the dentist’s office.

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What Types Of Dental Fillings Do You Offer?

We exclusively treat patients with dental composite fillings. These fillings are built from a mixture of dental resin and crushed glass particles. They come in a variety of shades and colors to match the natural color of your tooth.

Composite fillings are strong and durable, and their lifelike appearance makes them superior to old-style metal amalgam fillings when it comes to aesthetics. They are also free of any metals including mercury, which some patients prefer.

Does It Hurt To Get A Filling?

Not at all. At Washington Metro Dental, your dentist will make sure that you feel completely safe and comfortable during your treatment.

Your mouth will be fully numbed to ensure you feel no discomfort, and fillings only involve trimming the outside of the tooth, so the procedure is minimally invasive. 

Still feeling nervous? That’s okay! We also offer sedation dentistry at Washington Metro Dental. With nitrous sedation dentistry in Washington, DC, you can feel relaxed throughout your appointment. And, best of all, you can get back to your busy schedule with no downtime. Nitrous oxide sedation is minimal and wears off after only about 5 minutes.

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How Long Does A Filling Last?

Typically, composite fillings have a lifespan of between 5-8 years. Over time, the filling material may start to wear out and peel away from the tooth. The best way to keep your fillings in good shape is to maintain a good at-home oral hygiene routine. 

Brush twice a day, floss once a day, eat a healthy, low-sugar diet, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You also should see your dentist at Washington Metro Dental every six months. They will be able to check on your oral health and ensure your fillings are in good shape, and recommend filling replacement when necessary.

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